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  • 18 mins ago

    Building your child's EQ

    IQ is one of the most common ways to measure a person's overall intelligence. But, studies show that there's another indicator that may be even more important in determining achievement, it's called EQ or Emotional Intelligence.
  • 22 mins ago

    The Washington Auto Show

    The Washington Auto Show is underway. And you have until this Sunday to check out the latest makes and models of cars, trucks, mini-vans, and SUVs that will be hitting the showroom this year.
  • 27 mins ago

    Is your spouse hiding money from you?

    Money issues are the most common source of relationship stress. And it could potentially lead to divorce! That's why it's important not to keep financial secrets from your spouse.
  • 3:38 pm

    Washington D.C. Forecast: Single digit wind chills overnight

    Temperatures will fall into the teens and 20s tonight with bitter wind chills in the single digits.

  • 1:56 pm

    President Obama visits India

    Cirilli interview January 26, 2015