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If NewsChannel 8's over 2 million households aren't part of your media strategy, you are missing highly desirable news viewers and consumers in the Washington, DC Metro area and surrounding counties.

Why advertise on NewsChannel 8?

NewsChannel 8 is the only 24-hour local cable news network in the region dedicated to covering the stories that matter most to people who live in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. With the ability to zone advertising messages to Maryland, D.C. and Virginia — 24 hours per day, NewsChannel 8 is the most effective and efficient connection to your community. If your goal is to reach consumers located in the entire Washington, DC Market, NewsChannel 8, reaching both cable and satellite subscribers, delivers the audience effectively and efficiently.

In addition to comprehensive local news coverage, viewers are offered a wide variety of original programming covering everything from lifestyle, entertainment, sports talk and politics... all from a local perspective.

NewsChannel 8's Reach

NewsChannel 8 delivers news, weather, sports and local information to over 2 million cable and satellite subscribers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area surrounding counties. NewsChannel 8 is a powerhouse of information fueled by the largest local news gathering organization in the region. NewsChannel 8 is carried by DIRECTV and all major cable provider systems in the market (Comcast, Cox, Verizon FIOS, etc.), but can only be purchased through a local NewsChannel 8 advertising consultant. NewsChannel 8's no "middle man" approach provides better pricing, placement and frequency distribution of your advertising message in all programming.

NewsChannel 8 is your full service media outlet-providing audience research, commercial production and customized campaigns which include commercial announcements, sponsorship opportunities, online and social media opportunities through

Discover your advertising opportunities with NewsChannel 8 — MORE LOCAL. MORE OFTEN.

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