Royal Wedding 2011: Live blog of the events from London

Prince William and Kate Middleton approach the alter at their wedding at Westminster Abbey. (Photo: Associated Press)
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Good morning! We'll have every second of the Royal Wedding covered for you in this live blog, including updates from Washington and ABC7's Cynne Simpson in London at the wedding!

Keep refreshing for the latest updates and notes from the nuptials. To supplement your experience, you can watch a live stream of the wedding here.

11:17 a.m. (Final post): That's a wrap! The Royal Wedding festivities, at least for the sake of this blog, have wrapped up. Thanks for following along, and make sure to stick around for more Will & Kate coverage, including more stories, photos and video from London.

8:49 a.m.: Can't get enough? We just added a bunch of photos to our Royal Wedding Photo Gallery, including a shot of the ever-so-brief first kiss.

8:29 a.m.: A SECOND kiss?!? Now that's more like it, Will! Cynne: "Even Kate is overwhelmed by the crowds, saying "Oh my God" Prince William says, "Okay, lets go." They peck."

After the kiss, some revelers jumped in the fountain outside Buckingham Palace. Cynne: "Why are people in the Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain? Shouldn't we be on our best behavior?"

8:27 a.m.: ...and that was it? Modesty wins the day for Kate and Will. The Royal First Smooch lasted all of about three-quarters of a second.

8:22 a.m.: Barbara Walters just said we're three minutes away from the kiss. Stand by for royal smooching!

8:10 a.m.: Well, this is just too perfect. On the day Will and Kate got married, Filene's Basement at Mazza Gallerie held their Washington edition of the "Running of the Brides."

We swear, we can't make this stuff up.

At 8:00, future Kate Middleton's of the D.C. area stormed Filene's to get the perfect dress. ABC7's Irene Johnson was there. Here's the calm before the storm:

And, ten minutes later, CHAOS!

Speaking of dresses, Cynne says there's universal adoration for Kate's dress: "The Duchess of Cambridge is getting rave reviews for her gown choice. British critics say the Sarah Burton/ Alexander McQueen dress was a perfect choice. It was made in Great Britain."

8:06 a.m.: From Maura, proving that it's not a Royal Wedding until Kegasus is invoked: "My friend Nikki Schwab, of the Yeas and Nays column for the Examiner, has done an unofficial survey of hats. She reports that most women plan to reuse them for Kentucky Derby parties, Gold Cup, etc. Preakness was not included in that list, unsurprisingly, but I bet man-stallion Kegasus would love to be in this room full of women."

7:53 a.m.: From Maura, in another example of the language gap between American English and British English: "Real, out-of-context quote from BBC announcer: "This is what we do in Hyde Park: We take a blanket, and we fill it with children."

Meanwhile, in London, everyone loves a parade! Cynne: "Police call this the "mile movement." People are filling the street and following the band to Buckingham Palace. It's a huge public parade!"

7:41 a.m.: Cynne: "Wedding photos are being snapped right now in the throne room. The kiss is coming!!" Anyone have any guesses on how long the kiss will last? We're sure there's gambling action on that, too.

It's getting wild and wooly at the Ritz, too. Weddings EVERYWHERE! "There is another Wedding of the Century, and it's happening here in this ballroom. It's between two dogs: One is a terrier named Prince William, and the other is a pug named Lady Lucy. Best Man Rambo, another pug, is the best man and ring bearer. Yes there are actual rings."

Speaking of which, isn't one Royal Wedding enough for today?

RT @doctorcdf: A lot of people meet their future spouses at weddings. So do we have to do this again for Harry / Pippa? #ohno #royalwe ...less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


7:37 a.m.: Our short answer: Still not just like us. Those are royal minivans. Cynne: "Royals traveling in buses and minivans? Maybe they are just like us.... plus palaces, jeweled crowns, and billions of dollars!"

7:31 a.m.: Cynne: "Working that train can't be go Kate!"

7:24 a.m.: ABC's cameras just caught their on-camera talent in the studio snapping photos out the window at the coach with Will and Kate going by. That's all well and good, but make sure they're TwitPics, please?

Meanwhile, Cynne has some backup on her claim that Princess Beatrice's hat was most outrageous:

 7:21 a.m: A noble move - ABC says that Will and Kate have asked for people to donate to charity in lieu of wedding gifts. One anaylst says that it makes sense; that they have enough "flatware and crockery." Meanwhile, Prince Harry is riding with the kids, says Cynne: "Prince Harry is hilarious...right at home in the kiddie coach with the bridesmaids."

7:19 a.m.: Still no kiss. Better start puckering up, Will and Kate. The cameras are waiting... Cynne: "The cheers are deafening. This is the moment people camped out all night for...a chance to catch a glimpse of the Royal Couple."

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