Royal Wedding 2011: Live blog of the events from London

Prince William and Kate Middleton approach the alter at their wedding at Westminster Abbey. (Photo: Associated Press)
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7:14 a.m.: According to Maura Judkis, the ratio at the Ritz clearly tilts toward female. "As for the estrogen level of the room, Olson says that this may be the most women he's ever been around at one time in his life. "I've never been to a bridal shower, but this must be what it's like." We're averaging about one man per every two tables."

7:10 a.m.: The official train length on Kate's dress is nine feet, a full 16 feet(!) shorter than Princess Diana's. Cynne: "The perfect fairy tale! The wedding was flawless!"

7:08 a.m.: With broad smiles, Prince William and Kate Middleton, now man and wife, emerge from Westminster Abbey to wild cheers and bells tolling throughout London. The bells will rink for at least three hours. Barbara Walters says, "People had better get used to it." The carriage that will carry Will and Kate was made in 1902, to which we say, "They don't make 'em like they used to."

7:05 a.m.: Cynne: "Most Outlandish Hat Award goes to Princess Beatrice (Daughter of Fergie, Duchess of York)"

7:02 a.m.: Cynne: "When William and Kate emerge from the Shrine, they'll leave the Abbey to sounds of "Crown Imperial" by William Walton. It was also played at Prince Charles' wedding to Diana. This couple clearly wants to incorporate the late Princess Diana into their special day."

6:58 a.m.: Don't forget: We want your thoughts on the wedding. Tweet at us!

The live stream is also still up, and you can leave Facebook comments directly on that page.

One ABC7 follower thinks Kate's dress was awesome. We think Courtney Robinson's hat is equally as dazzling:

“@ABC7Courtney: Thoughts on #RoyalWedding dress? Here's brandis and I @ work watching @ABC7News” - YES 2 THE DRESS!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

6:50 a.m.: Cynne: "Already talking about children at the wedding...but no pressure, right?" ABC7's assessment: none. They're now singing God Save the Queen. Honest question: Does the Elizabeth II sing "God Save Me"? It doesn't appear she's singing at all!

6:47 a.m.: Cynne, on who's not at Westminster: "The Obamas aren't the only ones who didn't make the guest list. Former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were also left out." Meanwhile, back stateside, Maura has dogs in wedding dresses in this photo gallery. We can't make this stuff up.

6:45 a.m.: And here's what they're really at the Ritz for, says Maura: "Royal Wedding Watch brunch menu: Bangers, scones with clotted cream, bagel with lox. They are all delicious. They're temporarily out of the blood pudding. Is Prince William's bald spot looking bigger?"

6:40 a.m.: Maura Judkis at the Ritz: "This is as every wedding day should be." Expensive? "A day of hope." Ok, that too."" Also, a scheduling update from Cynne: "The ceremony will end precisely at 7:15 a.m.; the couple arrives at Buckingham Palace at 7:45 a.m."

6:37 a.m.: Cynne, on Will and Kate being adorable: "How cute are William and Kate? They keep exchanging silly glances."

6:35 a.m.: A traffic update from Cynne. If you're planning on going out in London today, don't. "London is paralyzed as everyone watches the wedding. Streets are blocked and public transportation is overloaded. Bicycles are the recommended mode of transportation."

6:34 a.m.: "In some sense, every wedding is a Royal Wedding," says the Archbishop. I know quite a few that would beg to differ. He's giving a wonderful speech right now about marriage in general, not just focusing on William and Kate, about hope being fulfilled in every relationship.

6:26 a.m.: Kate's brother is delivering a stirring oration right now. Meanwhile, Cynne want's more hats. "Who knew hats and fascinator came in so many shapes and styles? I'd like one of each, please." We think Cynne should do so, so we can keep collecting photos.

6:23 a.m.: As expected, no kiss at the Abbey. They'll enjoy that privilege of being a new man and wife at Buckingham Palace later on today. No pressure or anything - they're just having their first wedded lip lock in front of all of England.

For one person on Twitter, no kiss at the wedding is a dealbreaker:

So they don't kiss #RoyalWedding ....okay I don't wanna be a princess anymoreless than a minute ago via ÜberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

 6:20 a.m.: It's official! They're married! Another roar erupts throughout London. Cynne: "Will and Kate pronounced man and wife!!!!"

6:15 a.m.: As Kate said "I will," a very audible roar was heard outside the Abbey. Cynne: "Hundreds of thousands are watching the vows being exchanged from a Jumbotron screen in Hyde Park."

An astute observation from a Twitter user - it looked like Prince William struggled a little putting the ring on Kate's finger:

Over at the Ritz, Maura Judkis had this dispatch: "Prince William has difficulty fitting Kate's ring on her finger. A chill falls over the room. Wedding ruined! Oh, no, there it goes."

6:14 a.m.: Objections are asked for. No one says a word. One person coughs. We assume that's a good sign. The couple is then asked to confess any reasons they should not be wed. Again, silence. Again, a good sign.

6:12 a.m.: Cynne: "Sir Elton John in the the house...looking dashing!" Also, if you're not watching our live stream, this might be the right time to start doing so. The ceremony is officially underway.

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