Royal Wedding 2011: Live blog of the events from London

Prince William and Kate Middleton approach the alter at their wedding at Westminster Abbey. (Photo: Associated Press)
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5:44 a.m.: Cynne: "So funny...I don't think the crowds can actually see who is in each of arriving cars. Still, they're going bananas!!!"

5:42 a.m.: The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, has departed for the Abbey. The ABC commentators continue to talk about how much betting has taken place and continues on the Royal Wedding, and Robin Roberts has apparently won the office pool because the Queen is decked out in all yellow. Cynne: "The queen looks amazing in yellow. She just turned 85. Unbelievable!!"

5:38 a.m.: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles have left Clarence House and are en route to the Abbey. Kate Middleton shouldn't be too far behind right now.

5:36 a.m.: Every single vehicle that proceeds down the parade route, no matter who's inside, is getting cheered wildly. Meanwhile, the "Lesser Royals" are beginning to arrive at the Abbey, and despite having the "lesser" title, they're still more royal than you or I.

5:34 a.m.: ABC News says that there are about 10,000 tweets per minute about the royal wedding? Have something to share with us? Send your tweets to @ABC7News or comment on the live stream page!

5:27 a.m.: Cynne: "The formal uniforms are awesome! Michael Jackson would have loved to rock these looks." We here in Washington completely agree.

5:24 a.m.:
Cynne, from London: 'Princess Diana's memory is on everyone's mind. Several spectators have commented on how proud she would be of her son and the man he's become."

5:22 a.m.: A scheduling update -- we're about 20 minutes away from Queen Elizabeth II's departure for the Abbey, and Kate Middleton will leave the Goring Hotel shortly thereafter.

5:18 a.m.: Cynne Simpson in London: "They've arrived at the Abbey...crowds are going wild!"

5:13 a.m.:
Impartiality is on the backburner on our live stream, as one commentator just remarked, "In that uniform, Prince William is really quite a hunk. William looks fab...u...lous!"

5:10 a.m.: Prince William and Prince Harry have departed Clarence House and are en route to Westminster Abbey. We've also just heard from Cynne Simpson in London - she's getting ready to start updating us from the scene! If you're watching our live stream, William is the one in the red coat.

5:04 a.m.: David Cameron, Britain's Prime Minister, has arrived. His wife is not wearing a hat. I'm sure this will be discussed to great length in England.

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