The last day before the big day

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As the royal wedding approaches, seemingly all of London - and the world - is transfixed. Cynne Simpson has a report from London a day before the big day.
Amazingly, both Prince William and Kate Middleton made public appearances before tomorrow's big day.

The prince greeted well-wishers outside of his London home, Clarence House. He jokingly told the crowd that all he has to do is "get my lines right."

He spent his last night as a single man with his father, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince Harry.

Kate Middleton spent her last hours as a 'commoner' dining with her family at their hotel.

For the wedding, the bride is schedule to arrive at Westminster Abbey at 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. In London, some people started camping out days ago to have a front seat view as he and his bride parade through the streets.

As the world waits for the royal nuptials, it's a festive atmosphere in London, with people dressed up in costumes, preparing and snapping photos.

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