Councilmember Mary Cheh arrested, released

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D.C. councilmember Mary Cheh has been released from jail after she and three others were arrested during a protest for D.C. voting rights Wednesday evening. 

Traffic was disrupted as U.S. Capitol police surrounded the lively group of protestors on Constitution Avenue. Cheered on from the curb, council member Mary Cheh unlawfully sat shoulder to shoulder with other women.

The police commander issued three warnings. Then police moved in with wagons and zip ties. They arrested about a dozen protestors, including Cheh.

Before being handcuffed and arrested, the Ward 3 representative showed ABC7 she came prepared, ready with "get out of jail" money in her pocket.

"It looks like we're turning the clock back,” Cheh said. “Control our own local funds"

Cheh was released from jail last Wednesday night, according to Twitter. Another rally is planned for 7:45 a.m. this morning.

The crowd of about a hundred demonstrators gathered to rally in the shadows of the Capitol for D.C. voting rights and local autonomy. The protest was organized by D.C. Vote. The protestors had a permit to rally in the park, but about a dozen women ventured on the street, where they sat down.

Cheh who was notably missing from last months’ mass arrests when D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and 40 others were booked.

"It gives me pride,” District resident Morgan Murphy said, adding that the councilmembers were “standing up for our rights.”

About a dozen women agreed to be charged and booked to show their anger and frustration against recently passed bills that ban the District from using it's locally raised money.

Hours before the civil disobedience, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a measure that would not allow D.C.-funded abortions for low-income women after the program expires later this year.

"Whether or not you support abortion,” the protestors were “supproting D.C.’s rights,” said Lareefah William.

Below are tweets sent around the time of Cheh's arrest.

You can see Cheh at the rally in the photo posted by this user.

Cheh also posted a photo of her speaking at the rally from her account earlier.

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