D.C. Walmart: Mayor Gray wants store built at Skyland or nowhere in District

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Washington Mayor Vincent Gray is giving Wal-Mart an ultimatum: Build a store at the aging Skyland Shopping Center or not at all in the nation's capital.

(Photo: Associated Press)

At a retail convention in Las Vegas, Gray and five D.C. Council members met with Wal-Mart executives Monday. He says the company should build a fifth store to redevelop the Skyland complex in southeast Washington — beyond the four sites Wal-Mart has proposed.

Gray told the company it could build five stores or none at all.

Two sites chosen by Wal-Mart are on publicly owned land. That gives the city some control. Gray said he could also consider nixing Wal-Mart's requests for building permits on privately owned sites.

Wal-Mart spokesman Steven Restivo says Skyland is one of several dozen sites the chain is considering.

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