Georgetown, Old Town bracing for flooding

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At high tide Friday, the rising waters of the Potomac, carrying large logs and debris, rushed past the Washington Harbor.

Flooding Friday at King and South Union streets. (Photo: Bryan M. Allman)

This time, it’s a much different picture than a month ago, when half of the flood gates were accidentally left down and water poured in, wreaking havoc on offices, garages and restaurants lining the waterfront.

Alexander Garrett manages Sequoia, the only waterfront restaurant operating at capacity until at least July. He said Friday’s rushing waters brought back fears of massive flooding.

But most areas where visitors normally sit to enjoy the waterfront are completely submerged. So once again, the flooding is having an impact on businesses that would typically be booming this time of year.

It’s the same story in Old Town Alexandria’s waterfront – but businesses and residents didn’t seem too upset.

“It's kind of an event,” said Trish Wootten, an Alexandria resident. “It does create a little mayhem. If you live here it's part of life.”

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