Presidential Election 2012: Romney running

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(Photo: Associated Press)

Giuliani said he hasn't decided yet if he will run again – like Romney he fell short in 2008 - and expects to make up his mind by the end of the summer.

But he certainly sounded like a candidate, telling reporters that the nation is being led in the wrong direction by Obama.

"He's been in office a very long time now, and his results on the economy have been abysmal," Giuliani said. "His only answer to it has been, `Oh, I inherited this.' Well, my goodness, he's been in office long enough now, so that whatever he inherited, he should've straightened out by now."

Palin, her party's 2008 vice presidential nominee, arrived in New Hampshire for appearances that highlighted her potential to upend the race should she run. Aides weren't releasing her schedule, but her family's bus tour that rumbled out of Washington last weekend stood to overshadow Romney's big announcement.

Meanwhile, Rep. Michele Bachmann plans to participate in a presidential debate in New Hampshire this month, a move that further signals the Minnesota Republican expects to be a candidate for the 2012 nomination.

Bachmann will be on stage for the June 13 debate in Manchester, N.H. That's according to Bachmann aide Andy Parrish. The congresswoman says she will announce her plans for 2012 this month in Iowa, the state that hosts the leadoff presidential caucuses.

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