Baltimore Ravens: Getting ready for 2011

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The players were excited about returning from a lockout that ended Monday, but saddened to know they wouldn't be joined by Heap, McGahee, Gregg or Mason.

"For me, it's like you're kind of upset about it but you also know it's the business," Rice said. "It makes you want to relish the moments you have with them. We hate to see them go, we really do, and I'm sure that the fans hate to them go, too. But I'm sure they'll end up somewhere, and hopefully, I want to get a few guys back if we can."

Rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith was stunned to find out Mason wouldn't be there to provide advice in the days ahead.

"I was looking forward to learning from him, and he was looking forward to coaching me up," Smith said. "We'll see what happens."

Cornerback Domonique Foxworth, who helped negotiate the pact on the behalf of the player's union, said of the pending cuts, "If they don't re-sign them, I'm going to miss those guys. Fortunately, they're going to be released before free agency, and you can add their names to this free agency bonanza going on."

The Ravens usually run camp in nearby Westminster, but the delay in reaching an agreement between the players and owners forced the team to move camp to its training complex. Attendance was voluntary Tuesday.

Players are expected to report Wednesday and begin workouts Thursday without pads.

"There's a lot of emotions," Foxworth said, "but I'm relieved more than anything that we're back to work, and we're all doing what we're comfortable doing."

Rice can't wait.

"It's definitely great to be back. It felt good to run a conditioning test, knock that out," Rice said. "Now it's time to get to work."

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