Jaycee Dugard recounts horror of 18 years in captivity

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She is 14, she writes, and is "very, very scared."

The rapes subsided after the girl's birth, but still occurred sometimes when Garrido took drugs, Dugard writes, and she became pregnant again. The second daughter was born on Nov. 13, 1997.

In her grand jury testimony and in the book, she says that one of the reasons she stayed with Garrido, rather than trying to escape, was because she wanted to be sure her two daughters were safe with her. She was afraid of the "outside world," she writes.

Eventually, Garrido allowed Dugard and the two little girls to leave his compound. Dugard was given a new first name, Allissa, to use in the earshot of other people.

The Garridos' secret unraveled in 2009. They were arrested a day after Phillip Garrido had brought his entire family to a meeting with his parole officer, and had identified Dugard and her daughters as his nieces.

When a female officer asked Dugard for her name, she was too nervous and shaken to say it aloud, instead writing on a piece of paper, "JAYCEELEEDUGARD." In the book, she describes the moment as "breaking an evil spell."

The book, published by Simon & Schuster, concludes on a reflective note. Dugard writes about her therapy sessions, analyzes her own behavior during her years with the Garridos, and wishes the best for her daughters in the future.

Her eldest daughter, identified only as "A" in the book, is now in high school, and Dugard describes how that milestone stirred up her own grief at what she had missed out on.

Dugard writes that she tries hard to appreciate each day, but is "still afraid it will be taken away."

Dugard will talk about being rescued after 18 years in a special interview with ABC News. The ABC investigation details how police failed to find her despite 60 visits to the house where she was held captive. It will air Sunday night at 9 p.m.

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