Santana Moss resigns with Washington Redskins

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The Redskins' other free agents include Rex Grossman, Carlos Rogers and Rocky McIntosh. The team needs to address most positions on both sides of the ball, with right tackle, running back, receiver, defensive line, linebacker, cornerback and quarterback all potential departments to visit when a 6-10 team makes a trip to the free agent store.

Moss scored six touchdowns for Washington in 2010. (Photo: Associated Press)

"With this whole free agency opening up, it's going to be crazy," Beck said. "Our team's going to look different. I don't think it's a secret that we're going to be bringing guys in to compete. I know my position, there's going to be guys coming in. Could be one, could be two, you just never know. It's all about putting together the best team you can."

Beck will face scrutiny like never before, having made the climb from obscure backup to co-favorite for the starting quarterback job despite the fact he hasn't taken a snap in a regular season game since he was a rookie in 2007.

Shanahan effusively praised Beck after signing him a year ago, and Beck was proactive during the lockout — arranging throwing sessions with receivers and teaching the play book to the rookies during the player-organized minicamps.

"He's been basically showing countless effort to be out there and do the work," Armstrong said. "He's flown in from California time and time again to throw routes. I almost had to ignore his phone calls and text messages. Always he wants to throw."

Beck said he didn't know many details of the lockout-ending agreement because he doesn't have cable television in his house, but he knew enough to make a beeline for Redskins Park on Monday soon after the deal was announced. He wasn't allowed in because the security guard didn't recognize him. Plus, he was a day early.

The Redskins are expected to re-sign Grossman to compete with Beck in what promises to be the No. 1 story of camp — assuming McNabb and Haynesworth have moved on.

"There's going to be a lot of questions about who's going to be in that role," center Casey Rabach said. "Obviously the leader of the team, the leader of the offense. I think John Beck has definitely stepped up in his leadership role this offseason. It'll be interesting to see who will be our starting quarterback."

Players will take physicals Thursday, with the first practice set for Friday. With no offseason program as a foundation, the new players are going to face a steep learning curve.

"It'll be difficult because they haven't been in a meeting with (offensive coordinator) Kyle Shanahan," Armstrong said. "Sometimes he speaks extremely fast, and you're left with your head spinning."

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