Who hasn't pitched for Old Spice?

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The campaigns started with Mustafa appearing in a shower clad only in a towel and urging women to look at their man, and then back at him. Then followed an online video series, including one in which he suggested

(Photo courtesy Emmett Tullos III via Flickr)

President Barack Obama could improve poll ratings among women by opening speeches with Mustafa's "Hello, ladies" greeting.

The campaigns engineered by Portland, Ore.-based agency Wieden+Kennedy won advertising industry awards, boosted Old Spice sales and have been cited by P&G CEO Bob McDonald as a leading example of the power of multimedia marketing.

Brand manager Allison Bolyard said Old Spice will "continue to find a variety of entertaining ways to engage consumers ... we love to surprise our consumers."

Mustafa said he expects to stay on as Old Spice pitchman "as long as people like the character and are having fun with it." Meanwhile, he continues to pursue his acting career in TV and movies including small roles in the current comedy "Horrible Bosses" and next year's "Three Stooges" movie.

Procter & Gamble, maker of consumer products including Pampers diapers, Pantene shampoo and Gillette shavers, is scheduled to report its fourth-quarter earnings Aug. 5.

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