"Maggie Goes on a Diet" stirs controversy

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A new picture book for children is stirring up controversy even before it's published.

Children's picture book "Maggie Goes on a Diet" is stirring controversy for it's message.

It's called "Maggie Goes on a Diet" and is about a 14-year-old girl who is bullied about her weight. She then loses weight by eating healthier foods and exercising more and instantly makes new friends. She even becomes a soccer star.

The book's weight-loss message is targeting girls as young as 6 and creating a firestorm of comments on the Internet.

One person wrote: "It takes so little to trigger eating disorders in children...this could be such a huge trigger," quoted Good Morning America.

The author Paul Kramer says he wrote the book to help children build confidence and know they're not along in their struggles.

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