Metro lines disrupted to Reagan National Airport

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Service has been restored in both directions to the Blue and Yellow trains after flooding disrupted daily commutes.

Large crowds wait outside the Braddock Road station for shuttle buses. (Photo: Mike Petrucci)

Update on Blue/Yellow flooding: It does not appear that rail service btwn DCA & Braddock will be restored during the AM rush. ^DS #wmataless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

 Flooding in the area of the Potomac Yards in Alexandria disrupted service because the water level was above top of the rail.

A Metro spokesperson says the flooding is located in a short tunnel near the housing development just south of the Target on Route 1. Pumping equipment has been walked in by the crews.

The water is at least eight inches deep on the track.

Backups and lines for shuttles buses became extremely long at the Braddock Road station. About 50 shuttle buses worked to move passengers to the National Airport station.

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