Libya: Gadhafi's regime teeters on collapse

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On Monday, rebels manned checkpoints on the western approaches to the city, handing out candy to motorists and inquiring about their destinations.

Most of the city, a metropolis of some 2 million people on the Mediterranean coast, was on edge. Stores were shuttered and large areas were lifeless, including the old gold market, in the past a draw for tourists.

Around midday Monday, rebel fighters took over a women's police college near the Mediterranean and declared that they would set up their new headquarters there.

"We are going to protect the city of Tripoli from all attacks and threats," fighter Munir al-Ayan said after kneeling and kissing the ground in the compound.

"I was bowing down to the Almighty God who helped us get rid of this brutal dictator," he later explained.

The compound's previous inhabitants appeared to have left in haste, and their belongings were not touched.

Gadhafi loyalists also launched attacks in two other areas of Tripoli, said Ashraf Hussein, a rebel fighter who sat pressed against an inner wall of the compound for safety.

Libyan state television was off the air Monday amid reports it had been seized by rebels.

Abdel-Jalil said rebels have now captured three of Gadhafi's sons. He said they detained al-Saadi Gadhafi on Sunday night along with his brother Seif al-Islam, the one-time heir apparent to his father.

Gadhafi had seven biological sons and a daughter who all played roles in their father's regime, some in diplomacy and others in business. Al-Saadi and his brothers Mutassim and Khamis all headed military brigades. One of his sons was killed in the civil war.

The International Criminal Court has confirmed the capture of Seif al-Islam, who along with his father faces charges of crimes against humanity. Another son, Mohammed, was under house arrest.

Abdel-Jalil began to look ahead to the task his council might face in shepherding a transition in power.

"We have much challenges and responsibilities, starting by healing the wounds, " he said, adding the rebels wanted to ensure safety, security, peace and prosperity.

"Gadhafi will be remembered through the acts he committed in Libya and the world, by political assassinations, arrests and executions and oppression of all the Libyan people who wanted to oust him from the beginning of this revolution."

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