New App for National Mall has locals, tourists excited

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It was bound to happen. The National Mall now has an App.

The Natonal Mall has an app. (Photo: Flickr/cliff1066™)

The new park service App - which is free - features a map with labels for the sites, clearly identified walkways and a GPS function to tell users where they are. Users can choose from a number of self-guided tours.

The App also has a "park lens" function that uses a smart phone's camera to help identify a memorial - all you have to do is hold the camera up and the App will label the image coming through.

Locals and tourists alike are excited.

"For a lot of people not from around here, [it could] be very useful to us," said Nadia Allen, a District resident.

And just in case you were wondering, the Mall has a Twitter and Facebook account, too.


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