Andy Warhol exhibit comes to D.C.

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Andy Warhol is about to take over the National Mall in Washington with two simultaneous shows featuring some of his works and themes for the first time ever.

(Photo courtesy Meglet127 via Flickr)

On Sunday, the National Gallery of Art opens its first Warhol exhibit with "Warhol: Headlines." It's the first major examination of Warhol to explore the artist's obsession and use of news headlines for a large part of his career.

At the same time, the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum is opening "Andy Warhol: Shadows." The 450-foot-long installation in the round museum marks the first time all of Warhol's 102 abstract "shadows" have been shown together as the artist intended.

Curators say Warhol's images from newspapers and abstraction will surprise many visitors who may only associate him with soup cans and pop culture.

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