Libya war: Gadhafi, in hiding, vows no surrender in Libya

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The rebels, who have effectively ended Gadhafi's rule, dismiss his threats as empty rhetoric. The rebels believe he may be in one of their three key targets. The rebel fighters, backed by NATO airstrikes, have been pushing in recent days toward Sirte as well as toward Bani Walid, 90 miles (140 kilometers) southeast of Tripoli, and the southern city of Sabha.

(Photo: Associated Press)

All three were given a Saturday deadline to surrender. While the deadline extension was officially only for Sirte, rebels said it would also apply to Bani Walid and Sabha.

Pro-Gadhafi forces control most of Sabha and large numbers of soldiers - including mercenaries from other African countries – are camped on its outskirts, said Abdul Awidat, a Sabha resident currently in Tripoli.

Awidat told The Associated Press that he has spoken by satellite phone with people in the southern area in the past two days who said pro-Gadhafi forces have taken up positions in buildings and are recruiting young men as fighters and handing out weapons.

"There is no information that Gadhafi or any of his senior leadership are in Sabha," he added.

Some anti-government protesters have taken over a small part of the town of Gorda, and there has been fighting in the area with several people killed, Awidat said.

He said there is no electricity, running water or regular telephone service, and medicine is running out.

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