Stephen Goldsmith, former NYC Deputy Mayor, was arrested in Georgetown

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Stephen Goldsmith said in the same statement that DC law required an arrest over his wife’s objections and that she has now sworn under oath there was no violence. Goldsmith says he offered his resignation “in order not to be distraction to the mayor and his important agenda for the city.”

Goldsmith resigned his post in August. (Photo: Associated Press)

Neighbors in the wealthy upper Georgetown neighborhood near Dumbarton Oaks also refused to speak on the record but told reporters the couple always seemed friendly in public.

This is the second high profile arrest of a Georgetown resident this year, following the May arrest of IMF President Dominique Strauss-Kahn – another public official who keeps residences in both Manhattan and Georgetown.

Washington, D.C., police say that Goldsmith shoved his wife into a kitchen counter after she told him she "should have put a bullet through" him "years ago."

The report says that when his wife threatened to call police, Goldsmith threw the phone hard enough to break it and grabbed her. She escaped and called police from another room.

Goldsmith told the Post that although his wife has since sworn under oath that there was no violence, he offered his resignation so as not to be a distraction. He hasn't been formally charged.

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