A shocking look at alleged salon killer Scott DeKraai

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In 1991, Dekraai went to work at Catalina Channel Express, working his way up to captain piloting ferries between the mainland and the picturesque haven of Catalina Island. The company accused him of using heroin and illegal drugs to lose weight and he was fired in 2000. His breach of contract and defamation lawsuit were dismissed, according to court papers.

Scott Dekraai (Photo: Associated Press)

Dekraai, who was divorced from his first wife, married Fournier in 2003 in Nevada after a whirlwind romance. She gave birth to a son seven months later.

The relationship soured almost immediately. Fournier told White - who was also her friend - that Dekraai held a gun to her head shortly after their wedding.

Fournier left Dekraai in December 2006 because he wasn't stable, said Tim Terbush, a friend of Fournier's and a former neighbor who knew Dekraai for years.

"His violence started to escalate, escalate, escalate and she was scared to death of him," Terbush said.

Some felt Dekraai's grandparents set the stage for his problems later in life by spoiling him and stepping in to save him when he got into trouble.

His step grandfather loaned him money several times when he ran up gambling debts and would buy him anything he wanted as a child, Hinmon said.

"He's never been held accountable and he's always been bailed out of everything," he said. "He had gambling problems with bookies and I know the last check his grandfather wrote him was for $5,000 - and he wrote on the check, `This is the last one."'

When the step-grandfather died in 2005, Dekraai was devastated to discover he had willed half his estate to a biological daughter.

Dekraai and his mother filed a claim against the estate, but it was dropped after their attorney determined they had no standing to challenge the will, said Howard Brief, an attorney who represented the estate and gave a deposition in the case. Dekraai and his mom split their half and received roughly $400,000 each, Brief said.

By the time Dekraai received the last of the inheritance in 2009, he had much bigger problems.

While working aboard the tugboat Emma Foss in February 2007, Dekraai's leg was mangled in a mishap that crushed a fellow mate to death. He spent a month in the hospital and would never be the same again.

Debilitating pain from his injuries never went away and a doctor said he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

"It was always painful, it was always bothering him. They were constantly grafting tendons and ligaments and trying to stimulate the nerve, trying to get circulation going through and it never worked," said Ashley, his former boss at the sport-fishing company. "He wishes it had been amputated."

By the time he got out of the hospital, his wife had filed for divorce. He couldn't find work and had to move in with this mother. When his stepfather, Leroy Hinmon, asked him for rent, Dekraai attacked him in front of his mother and 4-year-old son.

"He was beating him up, slapping him around," Max Hinmon said. "He worked my brother over pretty good."

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