A shocking look at alleged salon killer Scott DeKraai

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The police were called and Leroy Hinmon got a temporary restraining order in August 2007. Dekraai, who didn't dispute the claim that he cut and bruised the older man, was ordered to surrender any firearms and attend a year-long program for batterers.

Scott Dekraai (Photo: Associated Press)

While Dekraai and his ex-wife shared custody of their son, he was pushing for more time with him and more control over his rearing in what was becoming a more acrimonious situation.

The two traded accusations in court papers even as Dekraai settled into a suburban life in nearby Huntington Beach with a third wife, the woman who had been hired to care for him after his tugboat accident.

In the court filings, Dekraai said Fournier drank too much, was a bad parent and screamed at him.

She accused him of being violent, suicidal and not taking his medication. Dekraai acknowledged in a court report that he had previously been diagnosed as bipolar, said John Cate, Michelle Fournier's attorney in the custody case.

Just a month ago, Fournier told Terbush she was frightened. She told White that he had come to her salon and threatened to kill her.

"He threatened her innumerable times, innumerable times," Terbush said. "This was not a one-time thing."

On Tuesday, Dekraai and Fournier were in court for yet another custody hearing in their bitter battle over their son.

The hearing should have been routine, but Dekraai refused to accept a court-ordered report that indicated the current split was working and insisted on a trial, which was set for December, Cate said.

The next day, police say, Dekraai strapped on a bullet proof vest, took three guns and entered Salon Meritage with weapons blazing.

"It is hard to go inside the head of a madman and say what he was thinking," Cate said. "I will tell you this: you have some signs, but certainly not signs that would automatically lead you to believe he would pull off something as dastardly as this."

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