Apple unveils new iPhone today

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(AP, ABC7) - Apple is unveiling a new iPhone. The iPhone 4S will run faster and has new mobile software that can sync content wirelessly, without having to plug an iPhone to a Mac or Windows machine.

Apple's iPhone 4 was released just over a year ago. The company is expected to release a new phone today. (Photo: TBD Staff)

“I have the old one, so I need the waterproof and everything proof one because I'm a disaster,” said local resident Gemma Weatherwax.

Apple Inc. made the announcement at its first major product event in years without Steve Jobs presiding. New CEO Tim Cook is leading the show after Jobs, who has been battling health problems, resigned from the post in August.

Cook, wearing a navy blue button-down shirt and jeans, opened by calling his nearly 14-year tenure at Apple "the privilege of a lifetime." Those in the audience clapped as he entered, but the reaction seemed more muted than what Jobs had recently received.

Apple also touted the popularity of its products and unveiled a new line of iPods, including a Nano model with a multi-touch display that promises to be easier to navigate.

“I always want to be up on whatever is happening new,” said local resident Joe Maioriello.

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