Lululemon murder trial: Employee at neighboring store heard Murray's call for help

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Norwood’s lawyer, Douglas Wood, said during opening arguments Wednesday that Norwood lost control and grabbed whatever weapons were within her reach.

Norwood's attorneys claim the death of Murray wasn't premeditated, rather it occured during a fight. (Photo: Court sketch)

"Jayna was killed by Brittany. It occurred in a fight. Brittany Norwood lost it. She lost control,” Norwood's attorney Wood said. “There was a horrific argument a horrific fight. It was not first-degree murder.”

State's Attorney John McCarthy argued that the slaying was premeditated murder. He said the slaying took a long time and there was ample opportunity for Norwood to choose a different course of action.

McCarthy presented details of how he claims Murray was murdered, showing jurors bloody photos of Murray and Norwood as they were found in the store he said Murray suffered from 322 different injuries. He held up several of the alleged murder weapons, including a wrench, a box cutter and rope.

During a lunch break, Murray's parents and supporters declined comment.

Earlier, a jury of six men and six women was selected. Montgomery County Circuit Judge Robert Greenberg restricted prosecutors' use of certain pictures during opening statements, including one showing Murray's crushed skull.

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