Suk 'Brian' Ryong Yun, police civilian employee, arrested

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Montgomery Police arrested a civilian police employee on charges that he stole money that was in police custody.

Suk Yun

Police arrested Suk “Brian” Ryong Yun, 39, of Rockville, and charged him with theft-related charges. He worked as an evidence technician at the Montgomery County police department/

“A non-sworn, civilian police department employee had been taking some of these monies in about 21 different transactions,” Capt. Paul Starks said.

Yun worked at the department for just about a year. On September 28th, charging documents state officers came to the evidence unit to conduct a routine audit. They found evidence bags missing, and despite offers to assist, Yun insisted on staying behind alone to look for them.

He later claimed he had found the bags and replaced them. But upon inspection police discovered they were actually new bags allegedly fabricated to look like the originals.

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