Virginia Tech Hokies win a thriller, but Maryland stumbles again - Daybreak 5th Quarter

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The Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens both took this weekend to kind of hang out - so we'll skip straight to the rest of the league.

Virginia Tech moved to 5-1 after their comeback victory. (Photo: Associated Press)

NFL Hot Reads

-I've got some free advice for Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera. When your opponent is struggling to get a field goal off with two seconds left in the 1st half of a football game, I highly advise you to NOT CALL A TIME OUT. Instead, they did, allowing the New Orleans Saints to add three points in a game that they ended up losing guessed it...three points.

-The Philadelphia Eagles punchlines write themselves at this point, don't they? The self-anointed Dream Team dropped to 1-4 in a sloppy 31-24 loss in Buffalo. The calls for Andy Reid's head are growing again.

-More free advice, this time for the 1-4 Arizona Cardinals: If you see Adrian Peterson running around free in your secondary, you may want to put a hat on him before he scores three touchdowns in the first quarter.

-We would be remiss, obviously, if we didn't mention the passing of a football pioneer. Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis died on Saturday after nearly half a century at the helm of the Raiders organization. No matter your opinion on the man and how he went about his business, his impact on the game of football is indisputable.

Longtime NFL general manager Gil Brandt had this to say about Davis:

"I met Al in 1954, and I want to tell you that he was as mentally sharp last week as he was 10, 20, 30 years ago. It had gotten tough for him, physically, but not mentally. He was the Steve Jobs of the NFL, and also the AFL.

"Think about this: Al created the concept of the vertical pass. Al also created the bump-and-run to prevent it. That's genius is what that is."

Brandt provides exclusive commentary for every week for Daybreak 5th Quarter.

Next up - The Ravens welcome the Houston Texans to the Charm City on Sunday, while the Redskins play host to the Eagles.

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