Brittany Norwood guilty of first-degree murder

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The brutal murder of Janya Murray captivated the upscale community. The killing of the Lululemon employee initially left many questions as Brittany Norwood claimed the two women had been attacked by intruders.

"These creeps that did this, only to find out it was entirely a different story,” recalls Audrey Elkinson, who lives in Bethesda.

The yoga apparel store will forever be linked to the vicious crime. A stained-glass window over the front door with the word love was dedicated in honor of Jayna Murray when the store reopened months after the slaying.

The high-profile murder trial this week brought back painful memories as residents, customers and merchants here learned new startling details about the crime, including that Apple employees next door heard screams but did not call police.

"You just don't expect... a crime like that here,” said merchant Andrew Feldman.

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