Lululemon murder trial: Judge rules testimony from employee hearsay

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State's Attorney John McCarthy says the statement proves motive in the case. The judge ruled the testimony hearsay because Murray cannot testify herself.

An expert said Norwood repeatedly struck Jayna Murray while she was on the floor. (Court sketch)

Murray's mother will also testify Tuesday, despite objections from the defense. Prosecutors hope she will help identify Jayna's car and phone and introduce a picture into her daughter's life.

Defense attorneys believed that her testimony would be over prejudicial.

David McGill, a crime scene investigator, also told the court that he was able to identify two different sets of bloody footprints in the store.

On Monday, a blood splatter expert stunned the courtroom, saying that Murray was initially struck while she was standing, and the attack continued while she crouched. The deadliest blows came after she fell to the floor, the expert said.

An audible gasp arose from the courtroom during the expert's testimony.

Prosecutors continue to allege that Norwood's attack on Murray was premeditated. Defense attorneys for Norwood admit she killed her colleague, but that the death occurred during a fight and doesn't constitute first-degree murder.

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