Rove-backed 527 group airs ads attacking Tim Kaine

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Get used to it. The first independent expenditure attack ad of the 2012 Senate race debuts Thursday in Virginia attacking Democrat Tim Kaine's 2012 Senate bid.

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. (Photo: Associated Press)

American Crossroads, a group that backs Republicans but acts independently of their campaigns, is spending $616,000 over two weeks to televise the 30-second ad in Virginia's four largest media markets.

The tax-exempt group can raise and spend money on issue advocacy as long as it doesn't directly urge a candidate's election or defeat. It is subject to far fewer public disclosure requirements than political action committees.

It's known among political pros and pundits as a "527 group." Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004 was such a group.

The ad assails Kaine's relationship with President Barack Obama and his fiscal record as Virginia governor.

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