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Mitt Romney $10,000 bet fallout features criticism from both sides

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Romney's campaign has spent most of the year focused on Obama instead of on his GOP rivals. And while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has risen to the top of polls in several early states, Romney says he still believes he'll be the Republican nominee.

Romney has faced widespread criticism after his $10,000 bet proposal on Saturday night. (Photo: Associated Press)

"I'm going to get the nomination," he told reporters here Sunday night.

When pressed about how he came up with the $10,000 bet figure, Romney wouldn't say.

"That's all I got," he said, laughing with the audience of supporters standing behind him.

Romney tried to make the bet with the Texas governor after Perry accused Romney of making changes to parts of his book, "No Apology."

"You've raised that before, Rick. And you're simply wrong," Romney said. Perry said it was true as Romney laughed and then said: "Rick, I'll, I'll tell you what. Ten thousand bucks? Ten thousand dollar bet?" He stuck his hand out to Perry, who wouldn't take it.

Romney made his millions at Bain Capital, a venture capital firm. In 2008, he sometimes struggled to explain his wealth; he ended up spending more than $45 million of his own money on his failed campaign.

Romney has yet to make a significant contribution to his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Instead, he's tried to emphasize his focus on middle class families and the struggles they're facing in the economy. He has pitched his tax plan as good for middle class Americans — rejecting a flat tax proposal that Perry supports because he says it would raise taxes on the middle class.

But he's made other slip-ups on the campaign trail that have occasionally cast him as out-of touch.

In June, Romney sat and listened as, one by one, a group of unemployed Floridians told him about struggling to find work. "I should tell my story," Mr. Romney said. "I'm also unemployed."

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