Prince George's County saw high rate of police-involved shootings this year

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There have been 15 police-involved shootings in Prince George's County this year.

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Eight people were killed, which equals the number of deadly police shootings in the District, Montgomery and Fairfax counties combined.

Prince George's County officials said they are encountering more violent suspects in the line of duty. In all but two of the 15 police-involved shootings, the suspect was armed.

"That's unusual," said Asst. Chief Kevin Davis. "That should be something [...] that concerns this community."

On Saturday, 35-year-old Rodney Edwards was the 15th person shot by a police officer. The officer, Michael Owen, Jr., shot Edwards because he pointed a gun at him.

Residents believe the numbers are too high but agree that police officers are often confronted with difficult choices.

"He's got to defend himself the best way he can," said Prince George's County resident Andrews Jackson. "It's a judgment call at the time of the situation."

Three Prince George's officers were shot in 2011, which is high, according to police.

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