911 Demi Moore call: 'She smoked something'

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The past few months have been rocky for Moore. She released a statement in November announcing she had decided to end her marriage to fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, 33, following news of alleged infidelity. The two were known to publicly share their affection for one another via Twitter.

Moore still has a Twitter account under the name mrskutcher but has not posted any messages since Jan. 7.

During the call, the woman caller says the group of friends had turned Moore's head to the side and were holding her down.

The dispatcher tells her not to hold her down but to wipe her mouth and nose and watch her closely until paramedics arrive. "Make sure that we keep an airway open," the dispatcher says. "Even if she passes out completely, that's OK. Stay right with her."

The phone is passed around by four people, including a woman who gives directions to the gate and another who recounts details about what Moore smoked or ingested.

Finally, the phone is given to a man named James, so one of the women can hold Moore's head. There was some confusion at the beginning of the call.

The emergency response was delayed by nearly two minutes as Los Angeles and Beverly Hills dispatchers sorted out which city had jurisdiction over the street where Moore lives.

As the call is transferred to Beverly Hills, the frantic woman at Moore's house raises her voice and said, "Why is an ambulance not on its way right now?" "Ma'am, instead of arguing with me why an ambulance is not on the way, can you spell (the street name) for me?" the Beverly Hills dispatcher says.

Although the estate is located in the 90210 ZIP code above Benedict Canyon, the response was eventually handled by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

By the end of the call, Moore has improved. "She seems to have calmed down now. She's speaking," the male caller told the operator.

Three days after her admittance to Sherman Oaks Hospital, Demi Moore was discharged last night.

While in the hospital, Demi had some visitors. Her daughter, Rumer, 23, was seen outside smoking a cigarette.

Kutcher has also returned to Los Angeles last night after his photoshoot in Brazil.

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