Yonathan Melaku expected to plead guilty

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - An ex-Marine from Virginia is expected to enter a guilty plea related to charges that he fired shots at the Pentagon, the Marine Corps museum in Quantico and other military-related targets.

Court records show a plea-agreement hearing has been scheduled Thursday for 24-year-old Yonathan Melaku of Alexandria.

Prosecutors charged Melaku last year, saying they have evidence linking him to a series of overnight shootings in October and November of 2010 at a number of military buildings in northern Virginia. No one was injured in the shootings.

Melaku was arrested in June when he was spotted after dark in Arlington National Cemetery with a backpack containing potential explosives material and notations referring to jihad and Osama bin Laden.

That arrest set off a security scare in and around the Pentagon.

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