Culpeper Mayor, Police Chief issue statements about Patricia Cook

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An earlier version of this story said that a Virginia State Police officer was involved in the shooting. Virginia State Police officials are involved in the investigation, but one of their officers was not involved in the incident. This story has been corrected.

The Culpeper Mayor and Police Chief issued official statements Tuesday regarding the fatal shooting of a woman last Thursday.

On Feb. 9, a Culpeper Police officer fatally shot Patricia Cook, 54, of Culpeper when she allegedly drove off with the officer's arm trapped in her vehicle's window.

Culpeper Mayor Calvin L. "Chip" Coleman issued the following statement:

"The Town Council would like to take a moment to acknowledge the events that occurred last Thursday which resulted in the death of Patricia Cook.

While we understand the frustrations of the community caused by the lack of information publicly available at this time, we ask that you please be patient and allow the Virginia State Police to conduct its investigation. This process could take several weeks or more, but we are encouraged by the significant amount of personnel and resources being assigned to this investigation.

From the onset, the Virginia State Police's Shooting Investigation Team was assigned to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation. Additional forensic agents and supervisors are also assigned to the investigation to assist the shooting team, and they will remain involved until such time as the investigation is complete.

We continue to keep those involved in the incident in our thoughts and prayers and we ask those in the community to do the same."

Culpeper Police Chief Chris Jenkins issued the following statement:

"I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the recent loss of one our local residents, Mrs. Patricia Cook. The mayor has asked us to be patient and allow the Virginia State Police to conduct its investigation.

At this time, the town police department can only await the results of the Virginia State Police investigation, and we ask that citizens do the same. The Culpeper Police Department has enjoyed an excellent relationship with its citizens and it is our sincere hope that this will continue.

We thank the community for its past support and trust. I can assure you that all the men and women of the police department are deeply committed to your service."

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