David Johnson wins spot on Pizza Hut Super Bowl ad

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The Washington Post reports:

David Johnson, of D.C., raps about Pizza Hut. (Photo: Pizza Hut)

Pizza Hut held a contest challenging customers to come up with a catchy new jingle. David Johnson, 31, of D.C., won the contest.

Johnson, a switchboard operator for the Department of Defense, penned a 30-second tune praising the Hut’s delivery time over that of its rivals: “Take it from your boy / if you order from those other places / you’ll just get annoyed.” He won, and the company flew him to a recording studio in Santa Monica, where he rapped over a rhythm track sampled from vintage Pizza Hut spots. The ad will run in a prime slot just before the game begins.

“It was my first time flying,” the Southeast resident told our colleague Aaron Leitko. “They flew me first class. They spoiled me. I’ll never be able to fly coach now because of Pizza Hut.”

Watch the ad here.

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