Maryland Senate passes same sex marriage bill

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The Maryland Senate has passed the same-sex marriage bill. The final vote is 25-22

(Photo: Brad Bell)

Montgomery County Democrat Jamie Raskin has served as floor manager of the same-sex marriage bill in the Maryland Senate. He says history is about to be made.

“And I’m very excited to be at a moment in time when we get to be a part of this process of bringing in to the institution of marriage tens of thousands of people who've been excluded from it,” Raskin says.

Raskin spoke not long after a floor vote defeated an amendment proposed by a same-sex marriage opponent which would have required schools to continue to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Days as opposed to a so-called family day.

Raskin calls such amendments an irrelevant distraction. His opposition sees them differently.

Senator Anthony Muse, for example, said he believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

A bill to legalize same-sex unions died in the House last year after lawmakers rescinded their support over religious and family values concerns.

The Maryland House of Delegates approved the bill by a narrow 71-67 vote, which prompted supporters of the bill within the chamber to erupt in approval and joy.

Even Muse, who is also a pastor of an Upper Marlboro church, concedes that for now, it’s a losing battle.

“No votes this morning were changed one way or the other,” Muse says. “So I think there’s a will to just go ahead and do this.”

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