U.Va. murder trial: Second day of testimony

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George Huguely was escorted into the courthouse wearing handcuffs Thursday to face hearing difficult testimony from his own UVA lacrosse teammates during the second day of testimony in his murder trial.

George Huguely arrives to court this week. (Photo: Pool)

Teammate Tim Fuchs described seeing Huguely with his arm around murder victim Yeardley Love’s throat, in a chokehold. She had cried, “help me, help me,” and ran from Huguely’s bedroom, hysterical.

This happened three months before love was found dead in her off campus apartment. Huguely faces first-degree murder and five other charges in the May 2010 death of Love.

Fuchs had broken up the violence with Mike Burns, a University of North Carolina lacrosse player and someone with whom Love had occasional romantic encounters, including the night of the choking incident.

Burns said Love thanked him and Fuchs for saving her. Prosecutors showed that Huguely was increasing abusive in his on again off again relationship with Love, where jealous tantrums happened between both.

Another lacrosse teammate, Brian Carroll, said Huguely’s drinking had become such a concern that team was going to stage an intervention after the season was over.

Defense attorneys say Huguely never meant to kill Love the night of May 3, 2010, that he was drunk and had intentions to make up with her, not harm her.

Earlier in the day, a first responder who arrived on the scene to the Love murder scene testified Thursday that the initial call was for an alcohol overdose - but the actual scene was "nowhere near the report given.”

Officer K.W. Blackwell told the court that as soon as he saw the battered and bloodied condition of Love's body, he said, "I knew it was nowhere near the report given.” He said paramedics arrived within a minute after he started CPR on Love.

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