U.Va. murder trial: Second day of testimony

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The efforts to try to resuscitate Love lasted almost 25 minutes. One EMT testified that there had never been any sign of life in Yeardley Love.

George Huguely arrives to court this week. (Photo: Pool)

As the descriptions of this life saving attempt went on Love's mother and sister began to weep softly.

They and the rest of the packed courtroom could not see the photos displayed to the jury of Love's body as the EMT's worked to try to resuscitate her.

Huguely looked down at the defense table instead of viewing the prosecution exhibits.

Love's doctor Thursday testified that there was no medical reason was Yeardley Love would have died. She was in superb health.

Huguely's attorneys said during opening statements Wednesday he was very drunk the night Love died and was incapable of plotting to kill her.

Prosecutor Dave Chapman said Huguely had a pattern of violence against Love and intended to kill her and steal her laptop to get rid of incriminating evidence.

Chapman said two days before Love's death, Huguely accused Love of having another relationship.

Love's two roommates and teammates on the women's lacrosse team were among the prosecution witnesses called Wednesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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