Where is the snow this year?

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Here's something you don't see often in February: A busy golf course.

But what's been a boon for golf courses has been a bust for ski resorts, where they usually have about 10 inches of snow by now.

“I feel bad for the ski industry - but this year it's our turn,” says Ed Coyle of the Washington Manor Golf Course.

This winter, there’s only been a measly 1.7 inches. So at Liberty Ski Resort, they're making snow as often as mother nature will allow.

“It's been a struggle with mother nature,” says Steve Martin, Liberty Ski Resort’s general manager.

The Brown family usually skis all winter. But Tuesday marks their first trip this season.

“Unfortunately, they've had a very lousy season. Everywhere,” says Tom Brown of Severn, Md.

The good news ski lovers: Old man winter is finally making a comeback tomorrow. There even is a chance the D.C. Metro area could see an inch or so accumulate mainly on grassy areas.

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