Your best autocorrect mishaps

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Tyler Haynes: That doesn't make any sense changed to That doesn't make any sex.

Melissa Dantic: So ur cooking ur chicken and what else? auto-corrected to so ur choking ur chicken and what else?

Linda TuckerCome early showed up on her phone as Come eaten.

Christopher Tri: A text message to his wife, What do you need from the store, babe? changed to What do you want from the store, Abby?

Danielle Tropper: Her last name, Tropper, auto-corrects to stripper.

Michele Adams: Its so warm out, the Christmas lights are attracting moths changed to Its so warm out, the Christmas lights are eating aggresive moths.

Ruth Wygal: hey sweetie, i'm back in Woodstock auto-corrected to hey sweetie, I'm back and will suck.

Lauren Surber: A text from Surber's husband changed honey to homey.



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