Lindsay Lohan red hair is return to familiar look

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Daybreak Daily’s afternoon scrubbing of the pop-culture floors reveals a fade to red, a big money maker, a death, other things, and the mystery music video.

CREDIT: Fern/Splash News online

GO BIG RED: Lindsay Lohan ditches the weird white look, per UsWeekly, “(She’s) doing everything she can to make her big comeback happen, including returning to her natural red hair color. Less than a week after her Saturday Night Live hosting gig, the 25-year-old actress revealed her light copper 'do and what appears to be a fresh set of extensions in Beverly Hills, Calif. Thursday.” http://bit.ly/wy7swD

MONEY SONGS: Taylor Swift’s top them all, per Billboard, “Country artists had another banner year, occupying 11 of the 40 slots on the list, with Swift surpassing all with U.S. earnings of $35.7 million, 17% more than the take-home pay of last year's top-earner, Lady Gaga.” http://bit.ly/wOnu1C

NO HEAD-SHAVING ALLOWED?: Suppose it would be a watch, per the Hollywood Reporter, “Britney Spears is nearing a deal to serve as judge on next season's The X Factor, a well-placed source tells The Hollywood Reporter. Spears' fiance, agent Jason Trawick, is negotiating the contract, which could be signed as soon as next week.” http://bit.ly/zgKarF

JIMMY ELLIS: Obit, per the Huffington Post, “James T. "Jimmy" Ellis, who belted out the refrain "Burn, baby burn!" in a 1970s-era disco hit that's still replayed in modern sports arenas, has died. He was 74. David Turner of Bass-Cauthen Funeral Home in Rock Hill, S.C., said the frontman for The Trammps died Thursday at a nursing home in the city. A cause of death was not immediately known.” http://huff.to/wpdety

SIDELINED: What is it with voice problems these days?, per Celebuzz, “John Mayer‘s much-anticipated comeback is being put on hold again. The crooner announced on his blog that the granuloma that put his career on temporary hiatus last year has grown back. His album, Born and Raised, will be released as scheduled May 22, but his tour plans have been cancelled.” http://bit.ly/wyC8Is

BIG SPENDER: That would be Justin Timberlake perhaps making a gesture toward his potential future wife, per the Insider, “Although they still haven't commented on rumors they're getting married, Jessica Biel was snapped rocking what is thought to be her engagement ring while leaving Tavern restaurant in Brentwood, California (Friday). The massive ring has a retro vibe and features a rounded square-cut diamond, encircled with smaller stones.” http://bit.ly/wgBFKQ

ON THE OUTS: Oh well, per PerezHilton, “Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz (Penelope’s little bro) have broken up after a year of dating, according to recent reports.The two were introduced last year in Florida, while Eva was facing some rough times with all of the legal woes from her divorce from Tony Parker. They hit it off and although rumored to have been engaged, a confirmation was never made.” http://bit.ly/y5vp9X

WHO BOUGHT WHAT?: Like it or not, per Deadline Hollywood, “You might find it hard at first to see a connection between Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and the public intellectuals who founded The New Republic in 1914, Herbert Croly and Walter Lippmann. But Hughes just added himself to their journalistic tradition by acquiring a majority stake in the venerable opinion magazine and taking charge as its Publisher and Editor-In-Chief.” http://bit.ly/x7YSXi

SEXY DEAL: Or not, per People, “If you have a cool $9.65 million at your disposal and don't mind a steady stream of tourists gawking at your front door, the townhouse, which stood in for Carrie Bradshaw's apartment (on Sex in the City), could be yours.” http://bit.ly/yBMi1w

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video. http://bit.ly/9RCQMp

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)

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