Supreme Court considers Obama health care overhaul

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(ABC7, AP) — Students at Thomas Jefferson High in Alexandria, Va., traveled 12 miles to East Capitol Street in D.C. today to get a first-hand look at what they're learning about in school — the challenge over President Obama's health care overhaul.

Demonstrators are gathered outside the U.S. Supreme Court as the high court is considering President Obama's health care overhaul. (Photo: Scott Thuman)

"I feel like I'll get a little bit of a better education here than at school with some of my classes," said Willis Johnston, a senior at the school.

During today's session, the justices considered whether it's premature for them to rule on the merits of the case, since Americans aren't yet being forced to pay the penalty for not having the insurance. But the justices indicated the issue won't stand in the way of a ruling.

Tomorrow, when justices hear arguments over the constitutionality of the requirement that Americans buy health insurance, is expected to be the most crucial in the three days of debate.

Under the new health care law, taxpayers who don't purchase health insurance would have to report that omission on tax returns for 2014 and would pay a penalty along with federal income tax on returns due by April 2015. Among the issues is whether that penalty is a tax.

Protesters from both sides camped out to demonstrate in favor or against the bill from lower temperatures and wind Monday night.

"I'm a little bit on the fence. I think it'll be interesting to see which points they bring up," said Chris Groskaufmanis, Thomas Jefferson High senior.

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