D.C. high school graduation rates dropped in 2011

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D.C. high school graduation rates for 2011 are down dramatically from what they were in 2010, according to figures released by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education.

D.C. high school graduation rates dropped in 2011

Less than 60 percent of D.C. high school students graduated on time in 2011, The Washington Post reported. The figures also showed that the 58.6 percent graduation rate in 2011 is a decline from the 73 percent rate reported for 2010.

The numbers may also be reflective of an alarming discrepancy between the district’s public and charter schools. Eight in 10 seniors from charter schools received diplomas in 2011, the Post reported.

In comparison, the high schools with the city’s lowest rates are public. Of the 10 schools with the lowest graduation rates, seven (Dunbar, Coolidge, Woodson, Ballou, Spingarn, Roosevelt and Cardozo) have a graduation rate of 60 percent or less.

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