D.C. Powerball: William Lindsay wins $1 million

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You could say William Lindsay of Woodbridge is the kind of guy lotteries love.

He buys tickets whenever he stops for gas, and for Wednesday's Powerball had $30 in tickets from New York, $20 from Virginia and $10 from D.C.

"I never win in D.C. anyway, so after I checked Virginia and New York numbers, then I throw those in the trash," he said. "I was going to throw the D.C. numbers in the trash, but I said, 'Let me check these numbers.'"

On one, he had every number right except for the Powerball - five out of six. And D.C. lottery director Buddy Roogow handed him a check Friday morning for a million dollars.

"We congratulate you; you're a great winner,” Roogow says.

Lindsay recalled his feelings when he realized he'd won a million: "Got up, took my blood pressure medicine, sit down and make sure I was calm and then I look at it and I say, 'Wow.' And then I put it down and then got up and check it again."

Lindsay, a Fort Belvoir hospital worker, recently retired from the Marine corps after 27 years. He is divorced and raising his 17-year-old daughter. He said he's not quitting his day job.

So what’s he doing with the money?

"I'm gonna buy my baby a car, that's it, and buy myself a car, and that' it,” he said.

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