Michael Baker Facebook photo: Kentucky man steals gas, puts photo on Facebook

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Lesson #1: don't siphon gas. Lesson #2: don't siphon gas from a police car. Lesson #3: don't siphon gas from a police car and then post a picture of yourself doing it on Facebook.

Baker posted this photo of himself on Facebook siphoning gas from a police car. (Photo: Jenkins Police Department)

These are all things Michael Baker, a Jenkins, Ky. man, probably didn't think about when he did all of those them, leading to his arrest.

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Baker, 20, was arrested by Jenkins Police on misdemeanor charges after police found a photo of him siphoning gasoline from one of the town's police cars on Facebook.

The Smoking Gun reports that Baker was arrested Monday and was charged with unlawful taking.

Jenkins is a town of just over 2,200 people on the Kentucky/Virginia border.

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