Tulsa shootings are linked to black community shootings, police say

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TULSA, Oklahoma (AP) — Tulsa police say there is a connection between shootings that terrorized the city's black community and the shooting of a suspect's father by a black man.

Jake England, Alvin Watts were arrested for the Tulsa shootings

Two men have been arrested in the Friday shootings that left three dead and two seriously wounded.

Police have said they are looking at a possible Facebook posting by one of the suspects, 19-year-old Jake England, that suggests he was angry over the killing of his father by a black man two years ago.

Task force commander Maj. Walter Evans says investigators know there's a connection between the two cases, but he and others at a Sunday news conference stopped short of calling Friday's shootings racially motivated.

The FBI special agent in charge of Oklahoma says it's too early to talk about hate crimes.

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