Metro Blue Line delays are tops in rail system

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Riders on Metro's Blue Line have the unlucky distinction of being passengers on the least on-time trains in the WMATA system, according to a new report.

(Photo: Heather Farrell)

The report, which was first posted by WTOP, says that Blue Line trains run on time at an 88.2 percent rate, the lowest of Metro's five lines. On the other end of the spectrum is the Orange Line, which ran on time 92.6 percent of the time over the past 12 months.

Overall, Metro trains run on time at a rate just higher than 90 percent. In terms of bus service, Metrobuses were on time 77.6 percent of the time between January of 2011 and March of this year.

Here's how each line did with its on-time performance since last January:

WMATA line On-Time Rate
Orange Line 92.6 percent
Yellow Line 91.2 percent
Green Line 91.1 percent
Red Line 89.5 percent
Blue Line 88.2 percent

WMATA's report also showed that only one series of rail cars - the 6000 series - exceeded a target goal of 60,000 miles traveled between delays. The average Metro rail car traveled about 41,000 miles between delays, nearly 19,000 miles short of the goal.


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