San Francisco BART station agent fired after helping boy

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Days after a San Francisco transit worker was fired for giving a teenager free train tickets to get to school, a second good Samaritan has stepped in to help the boy.

The BART n San Francisco (Photo: John-Morgan via Flickr)

A woman who wants to remain anonymous contacted his school on Wednesday and said she would pay for the 16-year-old boy's bus and Bay Area Rapid Transit fares to school until he graduates. The act of generosity will cost up to $15 a day.

The woman decided to help after the media reported a train station agent was fired for giving the boy $300 worth of paid, unused tickets left behind by commuters. Those tickets are usually thrown away.

The teen's father died last year. His grandparents took him in and enrolled him in a school far from home.

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