Federal Hot Minute June 24, 2012

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Welcome to the Federal HotMinute. I’m Steve Vito of UpsonVito. If you’re in the business of government, here are a couple items that you may find interesting.

Unless lawmakers take some action to avert sequestration, significant budget cuts will hit agencies come January. GovernmentExecutive.com has an interesting article on how the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, is preparing for these cuts.

Politico writes about how some defense contractors may have layoffs and could be handing out pink slips around the time of the election.

Ezra Klein, columnist for The Washington Post graphically points out how the public sector employment declined in the most recent 2008 recession which is contrary to what happened in the three previous

But there are areas where the government is hiring. Nextgov.com has an article on how The VA would have to hire 4,000 workers in order to scan billions of pages of paper benefit claims

And think the government is all business? Joe Davidson has a story in The Post about Funniest Fed competition.

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